6 Habits You Need To Be a Successful Blogger

Blogging is one of the most profitable business in today digital world.

Blogging can be used for many different purposes.

  • Personal and business brand awareness
  • For digital and physical Products promotion
  • For Digital courses promotion
  • Etc

The idea of blogging is becoming more and more popular, Everyone nowadays trying to be a successful blogger.

The idea is simple, but the work it requires is pretty complicated.

The number one thing, it requires is the consistency of many areas, Those areas are itself not easy tasks.

But there is always a breakthrough for everything and in this case, The Breakthrough is, “The power of habit”!.
In this post, we will go through six habits, which will boost your success in your blogging journey.


#1:) Writing

What is the first pillar of a blog? No doubt “contents.”

  • Long-form blog post
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Infographic
  • Etc

The most effective tactics of content marketing for B2B marketers is long-form blog post according to content marketing institute.

The writing area is itself is a lot of studies and hard work.

Need a lot of practice.

Having a good writing habit can make you millions.

Build a Succesful Blog - Amazon authors earn

Neil ( Top blog earner ) says he has invested a lot of his time in writing and he enjoys writing about writing.

All you have to do to build a strong writing habit from scratch before you actually, publish a blog.

I have written two posts about this “how to build writing habit” and also “How to write a blog post from idea to conclusion.

These two posts have a lot to learn for you if you are newbie bloggers.

The best tip here is, to make the writing process easier, ” write about what you know well.”

It will make your job a lot easier.

If you want to find your area which will make the writing process easier, then you have to ask yourself these simple questions.

What is the one area people ask you about when they need help?

What is the one topic you are passionate about, is it writing, is it self-developing, Is it

IT support?

You can ask yourself many different questions to find the area which will help you make the writing process enjoyable.

Before you actually, start building a writing habit it is important to find your enjoyable area.

After answering the above questions, I have done further work and have published on my blog for others like you.


#2:) Reading

Build a Succesful Blog - stephen-king

As Stephen King suggests “The writers must do two things above all others.”

  • Read a lot
  • Write a lot

Your writing will be easier to read if you read a lot, no doubt reading shines writing.

Because you collect lots of thoughts from other top writers, which helps you understand the breadth and depth of a topic.

Build asuccessful Blog - Breadth-Depth

And of course you can rush to teach that topic to others without any difficulty.

Read a lot means, to read everything

Read everything but keeps the red eye of a writer open.

Read deeply to understand

  • The voice of the writer
  • What type of problem they are trying to solve
  • What are the statistics he/she is offering as a proof?
  • What is the main idea?
  • What is the analogy?
  • What is philosophy?

Especially, everyone on the internet asks himself before reading, watching, listening, anything, Either consciously or subconsciously.

What’s in it for me?

How it can help me to make my job easier.

Exactly I want you to ask this kind of question from yourself before you put yourself in the efforts of deep learning.

You must build a strong Reading habit to make the whole process of blogging easier.

If you gain more comprehension from videos, lectures, webinars than written content.

Then, of course, you should keep on watching long-form videos.

But using all types of content is better for the sake of comprehension skills.

There is another viewpoint, which is – if you enjoy doing videos for your blog then keep on, instead of putting yourself in the efforts of writing content.

But I suggest every type of content, especially long-form blog posts including each type of content.

Give more time to reading and try to read more and more,

Build a Succesful Blog-Copy

We keep our smartphone with us anywhere we go.

Keep reading while waiting, in lines.

The best tip here is it saves you a lot of time to read on the go, and as you know reading makes writing easy and writing makes blogging easier and blogging makes life easier.

If you are not familiar with reading and feel overwhelmed, then you can apply the rules of (writing habit) for (reading habit) in this post.

You can repeat phrases like this to let your mind start loving reading and writing

  • I love to read
  • I love and enjoy reading for 3 hours daily
  • I love to read all the time

The same can apply to write

  • I love to write
  • I love and enjoy writing for 3 hours daily
  • I love to read all the time

The lesser your time, in the beginning, the stronger will be the habit in the end.

You can include minutes in phrases 10, 1, 5, 15, 60, etc.

The same tip you can also use for others habit to build.

Stephan Krashen discusses the power of reading and shares some case studies about reading methods.

It’s helpful and best studies about “how to be the best reader.”

So reading is another important pillar of blogging.

Is there more? Yes, which gets me to step 3.


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#3:) Collecting Resources and Strategies Which Work for You

At right this point, it is amazing.

You know about the power of writing and reading.

As you build writing and reading habits on the way, you will go through a lot of points that are important.

Somehow you will need it in the future.

So that’s why you must build, the habit of collecting resources and notes while reading, watching lectures, etc.

Managing data for easy access is another win for bloggers.

Many people waste a lot of time to find the resources.

Build a Succesful Blog - Time Spent for Looking data


So that’s why I am appealing, to not repeat the same mistake, collect data on different topics in separate folders.

Below are some best ways I know, which will help you manage your data in easy access methods.

#3.1) Chrome extension fvd speed dials

One of the best browsers is chrome, I have written here in detail.

fvd speed dial is my best tool Available on many platforms.

While research or reading, it just needs you one click to store something in different groups.

It makes the job of bloggers easy.

I  am not going to discuss fvd anymore here because I have already done the hard work here.

#3.2) Pocket apps

If you have your phone without a pocket installed then you should not call yourself a blogger.

Pocket has many features and can make your job a lot easier.

You can save resources to read offline.

After reading, you can add content to the archive list for later easy access.

You can recommend resources to others.

You can follow other top influencers, and they recommend what they read.

You can promote your own content.

Build a Succesful Blog - Pocket

Takes one click to save.

So fvd is for online use and pocket for offline. Get both and others six more tools.

Bloggers are collectors, Build the habit of collecting data as soon as possible.

#3.3) collecting ideas

In this post, I’ve written about the Garbage Man, as a blogger, you must follow the garbage man habit.

you have to collects

  • Ideas for the future post
  • Tweets to share
  • writing thoughts
  • analogies
  • etc

From the street of your thoughts.

Whenever something pops up in your mind write down.

No matter how unsure you are at the moment

Neil suggests using the mobile phone for that kind of stuff.

#3.4) Collecting Strategies

Now the best point is here.

If you search on the internet and listen to influencers about strategies, you will be overwhelmed in minutes.

Because they write what works for them, and maybe that tactics will not work for you 100%.

The internet is a hard way to find your best strategies and directions to follow.

I have personally experienced this many times.

So after the long run, I learned to try everything every strategy, top influencer suggests.

But follow on which works for you.

One or two strategies are not going to make a high impact on your blogging business.

You should have a strong habit of trying new strategies, which work for others.

But everything doesn’t work for everyone.

You have to drink this hard drop to figure out what works for you.

write a list of some strategies to try, and filter what kind of strategies produce a better result for you.

You are unique, and maybe you need some unique ways which will work for you.

But you have to listen to what others are saying what they offer, how they suggest trying.

You have to be a good learner to learn the methodology of others.

Be honest with yourself and keep moving on.

You will find direction.

One day, I asked Neil Patel a question about blog strategies or about overwhelming.

He just replied, “keep blogging Zada.”

So I was wondering how to keep on if I do not know my direction.

Then I decided and added two words to the Neil reply

“Keep blogging whatever comes to mind.”

So I am still unsure what I am doing and what is my direction and topic of blogging.

But the content I write, and other things under this phrase going to works for me.

The good news is the search engine love my blog contents.

I do not know anything about search engine optimization and have never tried.

But one thing holding up the journey of my blogging is “keep blogging whatever comes to mind.”

So my advice is to keeps on collecting

  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Strategies
  • Try everything do not say NO to anything in your blogging journey.

If you want to go straight on the journey of blogging, then you have to pay for it.

In this case, I suggest starting your blogging journey with yaro starak.


#4:) Daily Routines

The power of routine keeps clear your mind from what to do next?

This type of question makes confusion.

Daily routines, keeps your mind clear, calm and you can follow your focus areas.

This way you can make a good habit of daily routines.

Before you actually, start your day get paper and pen.

Draw a line to make the page into two parts.

  • To-Do list
  • Clearance

Choose to do tasks of focus and also give a deadline to each. Don’t overthink this process just 15 minutes are enough.

Clear how to do it what will be the easy and best way to finish it before the deadline.

your mind will give you some options so you can choose and can start immediately.

It will save you a lot of energy and time.

The power of daily routine has also discussed here.

For me, my daily routine helps me a lot to do writing and publishing, because my mind knows well daily what to do next and it gets me automatically to the important tasks.

A daily routine helps you build positive habits on the way to your goal and success.

After a month with strict daily routines when you asked yourself what I have accomplished this month?

Daily routines keep you avoid wasting time, overthinking, and another kind of useless tasks such as watching TV, etc.

Every day feels a bless with daily routines.

If you have a daily routine keeps working on it and try to include some new things to learn and achieve.

Daily routines are the best killer of procrastination.


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When you start something, without having daily routines

The procrastination jumps on you and your monkey mind start making confused to do this that and that, and at the end of the day when you look back you just see the worst day of your life.

Some successful people schedule the entire month, week, and they know what he/she will be doing in the next month on Monday afternoon at 3 pm.

Amazing sometimes I feel jealous.

But the point here is when you get daily routines, you will know how would you spend the next day.

This way before scheduling an entire month, one needs to practice daily routine, and then weekly.

It matters either you are a full-time blogger or an employee.

You have to keep moving in a row of tasks instead of randomly tasks.

Another tip here is when you take control of your thoughts to flow in a direction, you will feel amazing and it saves you a lot of energy to spend on the other tasks in your daily routine.

I know the power of daily routines, and I want you to take control of daily routines.


#5:) Setting and Achieving Goals

Build a Succesful Blog -  Goal set

Setting and achieving goals sometimes feels like playing games.

Having a habit of this area keeps control of your success.

Goals build you a system to achieve more and more success.

I have written two posts about goal achievement, here and here.

But as a blogger, I will discuss it here even more.

As a blogger, you should keep your goals In many areas with deadlines.

  • Publishing 10 posts in one week
  • Promoting 50 posts daily on different social media sites
  • Getting 500 followers from all sites
  • Increasing conversion of 30%
  • Adding 50 people to the email list
  • Etc

As a blogger, you have to be busy with your goals more than anything else.

If you are not familiar with goals achieving you should focus on it and start succeeding in small goals first.

The best way of goal achieving is to clear your right now spot, and the target.

So you will know, what is the gap, how to fill the gap, and what it needs to fill out the gaps?

buils a successful blog -fill the gap

Here I have written this strategy in detail.

Bloggers need More than two hands to keep blogging.

It means if you can afford to hire other people to help you achieve your goals faster and even easier do not think for a second and start hiring smart people than you, who will fill.

As Steve Jobs said.

“It’s all about finding and hiring people smarter than you. Getting them to join your business. And giving them good work. Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision. That’s important. And here’s the main thing….you must make them see their work as a MISSION.”

The best thing here is goals give you a complete system of

  • What works for you
  • What to avoid what to include
  • How to face hard tasks
  • Where are the best resources related to your job?
  • It shows clear ways of success.

I am not going deep here more because I have written here and here about goals achieving so you can complete the topic from there.


#6) Self-Developing

Self-developing is another best area to focus on and get the result you expect from your efforts.

There are many areas in life to but all it once is overwhelming, you must stick to one.

build a succesful blog - areas of life

Apply your system of goals achieving the above one area and grow on a daily basis.

Thanks to the internet there is the best author, speakers in the niche of self-developing.

They are big heart owners, and they share everything they learn on their journeys.

It’s easy nowadays to reach them and ask questions.

If you want to learn deep, start finding people like them.

As a blogger, it helps you to learn and write on your blog.

At the same time grow your blogging business and areas of your life.

Follow them on social media, visit their websites because they always have something new to share with the world.

your job as a blogger is to learn, teach, and provide information peoples are expecting in a niche.



These habits can make you millions and can make your life, even more, easier.

Do not be overwhelmed just clear everything that you want to do daily, weekly, monthly.

Keeps your focus on the matters most tasks, avoid other time-wasting activities.

Go ahead enjoy your life, learn, and apply.

You have gotten what it takes.

Let me know, what is your best habit as a blogger?


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      1. The Two Posts I Shared Of Yours With The Complimentary Illustration Info graphics Are The #1 And #2 After My homepage, On Totally Inspired Mind. Thought you would love to know that.

      2. You are so welcome.
        Do you have Evernote? It’s God I believe over a billion downloads on Google Play Store period on it you can record very detailed notes using your smart phone’s digital camera, text notes, audio, and if you get the premium package, like I did, you can add tags and to your notes and then your notes become searchable. I went paperless and I’ve been going through my paperwork and then using a cross-cut shredder on the old documents I don’t need anymore. Why I’m telling you this is it could be very useful for you and I. There’s a chat feature with it that would enable us to share ideas. I’ve never used it but it’s there. Also BOX is another app that’s a collaboration tool which is really extraordinary that could be a way that we can communicate more effectively on creating with never been created before. Who knows we may make history together period I have some newsletters that are informational that I am on here to help people with various disabilities I would love to see those make money and go to words finding the cure for all of those ailments. I’ve been praying that I would find that one person that would know how to do that period I looked in Las Vegas and I can’t find anybody that’s a specialist in that oddly enough. Sometimes prayers are answered without even trying though. 🙂

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  2. Write, write and write some more. Super tips Zada because this writing one is my fave ways to boost my blogging success. I devote hours daily to writing because it is the #1 tool of my blogging trade. Write!

  3. Good habits complete a person. Skills are essential if we need to be successful, it is the same regardless of which domain we are into. Reading helps us to view things from a wider perspective, a wider perspective that demands imagination and creativity. A good blogger needs to be an excellent story writer, the content needs to enticing and informative enough that at any point it should not feel bored.

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  5. Hey Zada

    Great post with great habits. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and truly like the list of habits that you have
    made in order to become a successful blogger. The video that you have included to show the power of daily routine was
    amazing. Good writing habits and skills are important for bloggers, therefore generating good writing skills will
    absolutely provide good benefits. A great blogger should be an excellent storywriter. Collecting the resources and
    strategies will helps a lot and will also save the precious time. Having Pocket apps will be helpful and allows for an easy access. Collecting ideas and collecting strategies will be a great helping hand, whereas collecting ideas and information will be helps a lot and provide good benefits. Daily routine is truly vital,whereas daily routines keeps the mind calm and also improve the focus on works. Self developing is truly vital and necessary for every bloggers. Focusing on self developing will helps a lot in order to get good results. Your all the listed tips are effective but i truly like an idea of collecting resources, using pocket apps, collecting ideas, strategies and focusing on self developing. Adopting these tips will provide good benefits and absolutely makes anyone a successful blogger.

    Really helpful post for bloggers and thanks for sharing.

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