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☕️ Poping Question after Question about many things And Much More

☕️ Have No Idea How to Build Audeinces

☕️ Feels Like My blog is horribly Failed.

☕️ If the above is true in your case then let me explain.



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I never force anyone to buy My BOOKs neither using any other sales strategies nor running paid or free campaigns on any site.

Because Blogging and tech world is my PASSION either people notice or NOT!

I will keep mastering my crafts and will teach those who want to listen and implement.

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☕️ How I Can Help You


I keep nothing in Secret – I try new tools and strategies and then I rush to publish on my blog.

I am helping the Same taster (like-minded) People around the world.

I use many sites to reach people who are interested in Living a Laptop Lifestyle.

☕️ I answer every single requested question on quora.com

☕️ Publish on medium.com

☕️ Write on wordpress.com which is my favorite

☕️ Around Social Media

☕️ Email Subscriber – Commenters – Etc

☕️ Either on the web or offline I help everyone

If you have any questions about blogging Let me know in the comment section of any blog post.

I will definitely Answer.



Build a Succesful Blog availabele in both formats on amazon

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When I first started blogging, I Had no idea about blogging.

In 2006 I used to write computer technical tips and tricks in my notebook.

As soon as I came to know about the blogging world.

I immediately published a blog with google sites And published some MS PowerPoint Design.

Then I published another blog with blogger.com and wrote about programming.

Now, this is my 4th blog with wordpress.com.

I have deleted the third one and 2 Self-hosted blogs.

My Blogging journey took my half-life and Still continue with wordpress.com for the last 10 years.

I made lots of mistakes in every step of blogging.



☕️ Writing

The first thing I struggle with a lot was writing.

But I am a Deeper digger & Left no stone unturned.

☕️ Researched a lot

☕️ Read Dozen of Books

☕️ Enrolled in Courses

☕️ Even Practiced Psychology and Mindfulness

☕️ Experienced and Fought with Writing Blocks

Spent half of the time of my blogging journey in Writing.



☕️ Affiliate Marketing

Spent many years on this side of marketing.

☕️ Promoted Digital Courses

☕️ Digital Products and books

☕️ Even participated in Multi-Level-Marketing

☕️ Memberships programs – Etc

Then I feel something bad – Why the heck I am promoting other people’s products.

Then I decided to write my own book.


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Long Story Short

On my blogging journey, I learned a lot from my extensive mistakes.

Faced many Challenges and Hard work.

But on the way to Success, I learned top

☕️ Blogging Skills

☕️ Self-Developing

☕️ Productivity Tips and Tricks

☕️ Built Habits that helped me Achieve a lot


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